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Welcome to Rachel Belly Dances!

Professional raqs sharqi performer & instructor in Bellingham, Washington.


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Rose and the Bodacious Bibliophiles

(Book Club)

Bellingham, WA

“It is a exceptional treat to watch you dance and hear you share your knowledge of belly dance. Your sharing added just the right touch to the theme and spirit of the evening!!"



 Bellingham, WA

“Skilled dancer who is entertaining and has a great connection with the audience. Performances are always fun and full of energy. Take the opportunity to check it out for yourself. You won't be disappointed!”


Missoula, MT

"Rachel danced at my wedding! It was such a fun way to transition from the 1 on 1 dancing - I would definitely recommend her, she did such a great job at engaging with the crowd and playfully dragging everyone out to the floor.
She is an incredible performer and it is very obvious that she absolutely loves dancing and sharing with others!
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