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Come enjoy live belly dance!

​An Evening
Belly Dance
June 8th 2024 6pm


House of Tarab_Trio Photo (1).jpg

House of Tarab

Help me bring the Arabic music ensemble, House of Tarab, to Bellingham, Washington for
An Evening of Belly Dance on June 8th 2024!

I am excited to be able to share these amazing musicians with you! 

Have you ever seen a live music and dance show? Historically this is how belly dance (raqs sharqi) was performed - to a live band!! I would love to keep this tradition alive and to share it with you! 

Plus we can all get up and dance with the band after the belly dance show!!

You can help by buying your tickets early, donate to the show and/or sharing this Kickstarter!

An Evening of Belly Dance

Producer of An Evening of Belly Dance, 

Rachel invites a gorgeous lineup of talented dancers to create an eye-catching show - for you!!

This glitzy evening happens in December and in June - so be sure to catch the next one!


Photos from past Evenings of Belly Dance

Photos by Alexander Bodi Hallett - Sattva Photo

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